Unlike other places of worship, at the shrine in Shinganapur there are no long queues and no waiting period. Devotees need not even wait for a priest. If needed priests are there on Saturdays and Mondays to offer puja and abhishek.

To worship the Lord Shaneshwara in Shinganapur, a devotee has to take a head bath and proceed in wet clothes to the platform where the swayambhu idol of Shani Maharaj exists. The devotee then circumambulates, offers prayers and performs Abhishek-s with water from the holy well in the vicinity and sesame oil. Sacrificial offerings are not permitted here. Any male devotee can go up to the platform wearing a wet cloth but women are enjoined to offer worship without mounting the platform

There is another well from which water is fetched only for Shani Maharaj's rituals. Women are forbidden to use this well.

Devotees are expected to follow some rules also known as Sanket.

Adequate facilities are available for Shuchirbhuta ritual (bathing and cleansing of the devotees).

The devotee has to be bare headed (without any cap or cloth on the head)while receiving Darshan of the deity.

Devotees pour water on the idol with wet clothes and perform Abhishek. Brahmins are available for Abhishek on Saturday and Monday.

To perform the abhishek a devotee offers Oil, preferably sesame is offered in multiples of quarter, Coconut, dried dates, dried cocount, betel nut, rice, turmeric-kumkum, gulal, neel, sugar, colotropis flowers preferably blue, pedha-s, black cloth, curds and milk etc. used.

A devotee who wishes to avert the misery offers kavadi, bibba, udid, nail, or pin, or rice.

If it is a Abhishek of the Navas (after fulfillment of desires), then money in the form of silver coins,a trident- trishul), shriphal, or iron articles like ghamela or animals like horse, cow, buffalo are offered